Printed newspapers do matter

Silicon Alley Insider gathers data on some newspapers who have recently ceased their print publications and moved entirely online.  While some, notably the Kentucky Post and the Seattle PI, have seen sharp increases in online viewership, the picture isn’t as rosy for most online-only newspapers.  A few of the newspapers now boast monthly online readership about the size of our own here at dvafoto, which is both a bad sign for those newspapers and a nice sign for us.  Most interesting, though, is an almost throw-away comment about the Kentucky Post:

study by Princeton economists says that since the Posts closed, both the number of candidates for city council and local board posts, and the number of people who showed up to vote has dropped. The study also says that the incumbent politicians and board members now have higher chances of staying in office.”

In short, the printed newspaper is an important check on politicians. Not new news, I suppose, but now there’s data to back up the assertion.

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