What I’ve been up to

Sorry for my lack of posting over the last month or so, I’ve been kept very busy with a roadtrip, an assignment in Albania and work on a personal project or two. But I have a lot of little things saved up to post, and will catch up on a few today.

Matt Lutton for the International Herald Tribune

But first I thought I’d share a couple of things from what I’ve been up to. The first of three stories I shot in Albania for the New York Times / International Herald Tribune with Dan Bilefsky, having to do with Sunday’s elections in Albania, has been published: “Albanians, Cut Off, Get Set to Vote”. We have two more stories to go to print in the coming weeks, and I’ll share those and more pictures when I can.
Đurđevdan celebration at the Gazela Bridge settlement, May 2009
Last, a little peek at a project I’m working on here in Belgrade about Roma communities who are in danger of losing their homes when the city/state redevelops the land that they are squatting on. A lot of issues going on here, and I’ve been trying to unpack it over the last month or so and there is much more to do, this really is in its beginning stages. A little bit further down the line I’ll be able to share more pictures and more of the story. For now, a couple of frames:
Đurđevdan celebration under Gazela Bridge, May 2009
Next up are another couple of short trips back to Kosovo and to Bosnia to continue my stories there. I look forward to having more to show you all soon, thanks for having a look!
Gazela, May 2009

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    That last photo, of the kiss, is one of my favorites you’ve ever taken. Such intimacy and tenderness and beauty in a quiet moment. Maybe it’s a little strong to call it my favorite ever of yours, but you’ve turned a corner with this project with that shot, I think. Been thinking about it all day.

  2. Matt Lutton

    Thanks very much Scott (and Mustafah too who, ah, sent me a twitter about it). I hope it is the turning point you’re thinking about .. this is the kind of picture and project I am after ..

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