The Bombay Flying Club: “Hell Hole”

Another site that is producing a surge of great writing, pictures and video in the past couple of weeks is Dispatches Magazine. Starting with their video series on War and Photography they are now featuring an illuminating multimedia piece “Hell Hole: Living on Jharia’s Fiery Mines” produced by a (new to me) outfit in India called Bombay Flying Club as part of their current issue, “Out of Poverty”. The piece is about the illegal and dangerous coal mining taking place by the poor at the Jharia mine. Harrowing, Dante-inspired scenes.


Bombay Flying Club’s website says they produce “online journalism as it could be” and are formed by two Danish photojournalists and a Canadian: Poul Madsen, Henrik Kastenskov and Brent Foster. (Madsen and Foster were credited with the photos and videos in “Hell Hole”).

Judging from a few of the multimedia pieces on their site (I particularly liked “Bucharest Below Ground”, sorry no direct link available) they are doing a good job with interesting and powerful stories. They’ll be a good reference point as more of these productions are made widely available, through magazines and websites like Dispatches.

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    BFC is good, indeed. Surprised you hadn’t seen them before. Love the name, too.

  2. Patrick

    Good website, thanks for posting this.

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