Melania Comoretto’s Women Prisoners

Pete Brook has been on a roll with great posts at his blog Prison Photography lately, and I wanted to point out one in particular: “It was like being in front of a mirror” features very interesting photos and words by Melania Comoretto.

(c) Melania Comoretto

I wanted to investigate and understand how women could express their femininity and take care of their body in a situation of extreme marginalization.

The starting idea was to reflect the mental and psychological labyrinths and internal prisons that prevent human beings from living their lives freely. I asked myself, “What could be the extreme expression of this idea?” The answer; Prison.

You are well worth the time to bookmark Brooks’ site, it has absolutely one of my new favorite blogs. And if you’re up on this whole twitter thing, follow Pete Brook for the loads of interesting links that he often posts.

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