Hitler: “The future belongs to color photography”

I occassionally get suckered in to clicking the links in Life.com‘s weekly emails. Happened recently with a gallery of never-before-seen early pictures of Marilyn Monroe and a slideshow of pictures by Hugo Jaeger, one of Adolf Hitler’s personal photographers. The captions can be frustratingly lacking or they can contain gems like this one:

“The future,” Hitler once said to Jaeger, “belongs to color photography.”

2 Responses to “Hitler: “The future belongs to color photography””

  1. trent

    these photos were pretty lame, too. lots of hype, little substance. we all knew they wore brown uniforms with red armbands, imo

    • M. Scott Brauer

      @trent, Yeah, most definitely. I got so excited that we’d see something new, but then…nothing. Except that quote. In my mind I see Hitler, frothing at the mouth, talking about great color photography is and it’s the wave of the future, and then Cartier-Bresson, dismissively retorts, “I find out-of-focus areas in color pictures distinctly displeasing” or whatever that quote is.

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