Worth a look: John Francis Peters – Just a Dream

John Francis Peters - from Just a Dream

There’s been no shortage of coverage of the current economic crisis affecting the US, but John Francis Peters‘ “Just a Dream” project has really drawn me in. To see the essay, go to Peters’ website and find “Just a Dream” under “New Work.” As in other essays on the topic, especially in essays on “destination du jour” Detroit, the decay and abandonment are prominent. This essay, though, in the still-inflated balloon or the damp spot on the garage floor under the house, communicates the currency of the economic violence ripping through towns across the country. Not only have these houses been ripped out from under their previous tenants, but the removal happened swiftly, fiercely, and probably just last week. I saw these pictures a few weeks ago, but the communication in these little details keeps drawing me in.

From the artist statement:

After a few minutes wandering through oddly colored rooms and taking in the dull smells of animal dander and black mold, something else begins to absorb into my sense. It can only be described through how I feel the energy in the rooms, distress, sadness, loss. Something else is still in the home and it hints at its existence through violent holes in the wall, children’s stickers, an old lamp, curdled milk, a pink rubber ball, a suicide note written in magic marker.”

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