Tim Hetherington – Long Story Bit by Bit

Tim Hetherington - Long Story Bit by Bit - published by Umbrage

“I’ve never seen myself as a war photographer. This is about narrative. I’m very open to any visual conceits and any possibilities at my disposal to better explain to people the ideas I’m exploring. I like art photography, I like still life, I like war photography. I like to include everything to weave a tapestry to explain to someone, ‘What happened?'” –Tim Hetherington

There’s a short and interesting interview with Tim Hetherington over at Scarlett Lion’s Liberia blog. Hetherington, who won the 2007 World Press Photo award, discusses his work on Liberia beginning with the 2003 battle for Monrovia; the pictures, which were part of Moving Walls 11, have just been published in “Long Story, Bit by Bit” by Umbrage. And, my rss reader just tells me, Art Buyer Heather Morton will be interviewing Hetherington tomorrow at the New York Photo Festival, so now’s a good opportunity to get questions in to him through her blog.

The book is also available on Amazon, though only 5 are left as of this writing.

And, if you’re in New York City on May 22, as we mentioned a couple days ago, you can hear Tim Hetherington in conversation with Gary Knight and Stephen Mayes on the subject of war and conflict photography. Friday, May 22, at 6:30pm at the VII Gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn (28 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201).

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  1. Daada Luogon

    Tim assessment of justice in Liberia in relation to what is going on in the Hague is accurate.

    Liberian are waiting to see justice. Liberian will love to know the big powers that played in the senseless war that took place in Liberia. Taking one individual to the Hague trying him for SL’s only make mockery of the suffering Liberian are going through.

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