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Newsweek Magazine redesign - May 25, 2009 issue redesign - May 2009

From Bagnews comes word and visual evidence of the much talked about Newsweek redesign. The website has also been redesigned, and multimedia and photos seem to play a larger role (now with a separate section like at Time’s website!) The Guardian has some of the nitty-gritty, including this little nugget:

…the ex-staffer adds that senior managers have created a newsroom culture where “there is a total disdain and contempt for the kind of on-the-ground reporting that people like us, who grew up in the Newsweek tradition, [carry out]”. He claims that journalists based overseas were told that newsgathering could be conducted over the phone. The emphasis has shifted to comment and analysis, with more columnists and longer articles.”

Sounds like an opinion fueled by bad blood and the staffer in question hasn’t been in the newsroom for a few years…. The new design looks great to me, from what little I’ve seen. The website is much more readable than it was before, and the magazine is said to have an increased emphasis on photography.

5 Responses to “Newsweek redesign”

  1. Steve Sweitzer

    What a disaster! I’ve lost a friend of over 30 years. I don’t know who their target audience is but it’s not me. I’m canceling my subscription that runs through 2011.

  2. M. Scott Brauer

    Too bad to hear, Steve. I haven’t seen a copy of the magazine yet, so don’t know how it looks. The website is a step up, but the move to more opinion and less news seems like a misstep.

  3. Doug Turner

    I’m with Steve – I’ve subscribed for two decades and the current subscription runs through 2010, but I imagine I’ll be asking for a refund well before then. I wouldn’t mind the redesign (as awful as it is) if the content weren’t so drastically different: No news, and very slanted analysis.

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