National Geographic Grant 2009: Alessandra Sanguinetti

Just a news brief with a few minutes of internet while traveling through Bosnia: Alessandra Sanguinetti Wins National Geographic Magazine Grant for a project about food production.
(c) Alessandra Sanguinetti / Magnum
I had the pleasure of seeing her speak about her work as part of a Magnum workshop last year and was utterly enchanted. She has a beautiful, unique voice in documentary pictures right now and I hope you take some time to look through (and think) about her work. I was very confused when I first saw the pictures but came around when I thought about the message, the truthful beauty in her pictures. I can’t wait (just like Jonas Bendiksen last year, and Eugene Richards the year before that) to see the pictures that are made from this grant.

(h/t PDN’s Twitter feed)

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