David Lynch’s “Interview Project”

David Lynch - Interview Project

You’ve probably seen David Lynch’s feature films (Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and the like), but you probably haven’t seen his daily weather reports (and with a weather balloon for a head), him and cow campaigning for an Oscar, his missives on things such as iPhones, product placement (my favorite!) and the nature of ideas, or “Rabbits” (and let’s not forget the weirdness of his proselytizing for Transcendental Meditation).

Now Lynch has unveiled a teaser for “Interview Project,” which will debut June 1, 2009. In Lynch’s own words, “Inteview Project is a road trip where people have been found and interviewed…there was no plan really…. [It] is a 20,000 mile road trip over 70 days across and back the United States…the people told their story….” It looks fascinating, and could serve as video update to Studs Terkel‘s interviews from the Great Depression (and don’t miss the recent This American Life collection of Terkel’s Depression-era work). That’s setting the bar a bit high, though. I’ll be happy if it’s just an interesting assortment of people talking about themselves and their lives, as in Story Corps’ excellent years-long project.

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