Back from the road with a question..

Thanks to M. Scott for all the terrific posts while I was on the road the last couple of weeks. I was showing an old friend of mine from Seattle around the region, including an awesome 10-day car trip from Belgrade to Sarajevo, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and back. I’ll probably post some of those stories and pictures at some point, but just one for now.
Art on the walls of the Ada Bojana resort restaurant, Montenegro. 5/09.
Can anyone explain this to me? We were staying at this 60s-era Yugoslav hotel/resort along the Montenegrian/Albanian border called Ada Bojana. At breakfast, in the cavernous crazy restaurant, I saw this painting on the wall. This has to be a representation of Nick Ut’s infamous Vietnam photograph, right? So, but why in ‘officially sanctioned’ art in the dining room of this resort? What does it mean?? Is this common in Yugoslavian/communist ‘art’?

I’m trying to get back up to speed with posting here, I appreciate the patience (lots of catching up to do here, plus I’m photographing a lot these days). I’ll mention again that I have begun to twitter ( and will muse on everything from time to time there.

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