Worth a look: Wayne Liu – The Past is a Foreign Country

Wayne Liu - The Past is a Foreign Country

Eleanor Magazine has a great little presentation of Wayne Liu’s “The Past is a Foreign Country.” From the project info, “These sketches are a sort of landscape “ruins in reverse”, a melancholy before the melancholic journey arises, dissipation before the completion of the capitalists’ dream, a preemptive strike upon the memory of the future…In these ambiguous fields shall my studies further dwell.”

These pictures strike me most in how they present familiar scenes (well, familiar to someone living in China) and in such a radical way. The stylistic liberties might be a bit much for some viewers, but it hits me just right. There’s poetry in these images…

Here’s a short interview with Wayne Liu, about his method and style, found while searching, in vain, for his website.

3 Responses to “Worth a look: Wayne Liu – The Past is a Foreign Country”

  1. StaPa

    Hi, I try to access the short interview but it seems that I need a special permission to do this. How do I get one?
    Stavros Papadopoulos

  2. Matt Lutton

    Stavros, I’m having the same issue. My best idea is maybe doing an interview with Wayne myself, as he’s in Belgrade at the moment. Keep your eyes out..

  3. StaPa

    Hi Matt,

    I was wandering, did you manage to do the interview with Wayne Liu?


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