Worth a look: Dado Ruvic

Dado Ruvic is a 19 year old Bosnian photographer living in the city of Zenica, about an hour and a half north of Sarajevo. He works as a freelancer with Reuters, under the tutelage of local legend Damir Sagolj, and a Croatian agency called CroPix. Despite solid clients and assignments at his age, he’s hungry and he is busting his ass off (for peanuts!). It is so great seeing a young photographer working this hard on his pictures. While working mostly for wires now and shooting singles, I hope he pushes for more features and stories.
Families in Raca, BiH search for scrap metal in trash dumped from a local smelter.
I met Ruvic in person a few weeks ago in Zenica while I was hanging out in Bosnia and was able to spend a day seeing the city and working, without much prior planning as you’ll see. I was introduced to him by mutual friend Jasmin Brutus.

Here are a few pictures he sent me from a story Ruvic did at a coal mine in the hills above Zenica (in a single day if I remember correctly). Ironically and unfortunately, the day that I visited Ruvic we ended up back at this same mine due to an accident there that injured 14 and killed one. You can see Ruvic’s pictures from this story on his oft-updated blog. I’ll post my pictures soon when I do a wrap-up of my work from Bosnia. Ruvic was entirely on top of this story from the moment his cell phone went off, completing his current assignment and then taking us running for a car to drive us the 10km to the site. After, we went into the emergency room at the hospital to see the victims where he then transmitted on site to Reuters while coordinating the writer and video person, who were more than twice his age. Very impressive.
230m below Zemlje at RMU Breza
Click on the pictures to go to his blog where you can see more from this feature.
He is definitely one to watch and I know we’ll be keeping in touch. Keep working your ass off Dado, but just remember to eat when you’re doing it! No more working yourself to collapse. (Self-portraits of his photo-related injury).

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