Seamus Murphy in America

(c) Seamus Murphy, Reportage by Getty Images
Scott wrote a few weeks ago about Seamus Murphy’s new work on Russia in Dispatches magazine. Like Scott, up until recently I had only known of Murphy’s work and hadn’t seen much of it. So props to reader and friend of Dva Jeremy M Lange who pointed us to a new site of Murphy’s and helped change that for me.

Alas I just found a gallery (don’t know if it is new or I missed it before) of Murphy’s pictures on the Reportage by Getty Images website with pictures from America. They’re very interesting and Worth a Look.

3 Responses to “Seamus Murphy in America”

  1. Davin Ellicson

    Murphy’s website is a Rob Haggart A Photo Folio site. Haggart also did one with Antonin Kratochvil to be used as an example of one of the styles of sites he was selling. I remember Rob saying that he loved Seamus’s work but that it was almost impossible to find online and I am sure that once he introduced his new website company one of the first people he wanted to help get a website was Seamus.

  2. M. Scott Brauer

    Good thoughts, Davin. Seems right.

    And good find, Matt. I didn’t quite get a chance to look through all that the first time around.

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