Worth a look: Ian Teh

Ian Teh - from Dark Clouds

I’ve been a fan of Agence Vu photographer Ian Teh for a couple years now, from when I first saw his essay “Dark Clouds” about heavily industrialized cities in China. A post at Conscientious got me over to Teh’s site, and I was glad I did. There are few essays from China, as well as work from America, England, and elsewhere. The color in his work is always so beautifully fleeting… Check out his portfolio at Agence Vu, while you’re at it.

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  1. Matt Lutton

    I had seen some of this before but it really is great. The color is terrific .. really makes me want to pull out some c41 color film. I haven’t been playing with the muted colors much but this is right up your alley scott .. reminds me of your work in many ways

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    […] Teh, long a favorite, has a new book out with Troika Editions. It’s called Traces, and collects two bodies of work […]

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