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Luceo Images anniversary print sale

Luceo Images has joined the fray of print sales online. Their anniversary sale includes 4 prints from each of the 6 Luceo photographers. Lots of good pictures there.

I’ve also noticed a few other photographers getting into online print sales lately. Davin Ellicson has some prints from his great Maramures project available through Anzenberger. Stephen Voss has an Obama print for sale in a limited edition. Gallery owner Daniel Cooney has a new edition of his Emerging Photographers’ Auction up at iGavel, featuring Susana Raab among others. (PDN previously talked with Cooney about the auctions) Christopher Barbour launched a limited edition print sale to help cover his rent. It sounds like the resurrected JPG Magazine will be getting into prints, too. By far, though, my favorite print seller has got to be Zoe Strauss. Any picture on her website can be had, in 7×9 color xerox form, for $5. She also has an annual print sale/exhibition where the $5 xeroxes hang underneath I-95. Here some images I found on flickr of the 2006 exhibition. And, of course, the big guns are over at Jen Bekman’s 20×200, which is a pretty innovative mixture of support for emerging artists and an attempt to introduce art collecting to people who haven’t done it before. All of this is nice to see, given the collapsing art market.

Want to get started in the print business? PDN just recently posted a video talking with Cole Thompson about how he generates as much as $20,000 in annual revenue through online print sales of his black and white photography.

The other problem is figuring out the tools to make selling prints online easy. Photoshelter’s got you covered, of course, but so do Printroom and Smugmug. I’m also a fan of Adorama’s printing, but last I used them, they weren’t set up to have direct ordering from your clients. American Frame will take care of your framing, I’m told. (apologies if that reads like an ad; just a smattering of services with which I have had good experiences)

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