Quick Deadlines

I know plenty of people are following our dvafoto Deadline Calendar, which you can always find on the right-hand column on our site. I just wanted to send out a reminder that a number of popular grants and contests are coming due, because they definitely caught me off guard.
Lutton's dining room table in Seattle, 2007
First, the ever-popular Emerging Photographer Grant for 2009 sponsored by David Alan Harvey through his online Burn Magazine along with Magnum. This is due Wednesday, April 1 via online submission with Photoshelter.

Also two big European awards from manufacturers are due now: the Linhof Young Photographer Award has a postmark date of Tuesday March 31 and the Hasselblad Masters Awards (with a handy ‘up and coming’ category) has an online submission due Wednesday April 1. All of these have free entry.

Lastly Hey Hot Shot’s next entry period is due May 1st, online submission for $60.

So finish your edits. There are more prizes down the line, be sure to keep your eyes on the calendar which we’ll update when we can with the prizes and grants that we’re interested in. Feel free to email us suggestions for things we’re missing and we’ll work on sharing them too.

UPDATE: Since posting this earlier I’ve found a few more things that are happening this week: Px3: Prix de la Photographie Paris has apparently extended their deadline until Tuesday March 31, with student and pro categories. Also you can submit for exhibitions at two major photojournalism festivals: Visa Pour L’Image is due Friday April 3 and The Noorderlicht International Photofestival has submissions due Saturday April 4. Good luck!

2 Responses to “Quick Deadlines”

  1. joe

    ian perry award is coming up for all those young guns under 25 or studying full time http://www.ianparry.org/main.php or and its free.

  2. Matt Lutton

    True — thanks for reminding me (again) .. only problem is that don’t have an application or deadline up yet

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