Private #44 – “Real” by the photographers of Noor

Private issue 44 / Real by Noor -- Cover photo from Wars Water and Other Stories by Francesco Zizola

The latest issue of Private features the work of the collective Noor. If you don’t know Private yet (it’s pronounced with a soft a and an accent on the ‘e’ — “Pri-vah-tay”), it’s a beautiful periodical feature portfolios of some of the best black and white photojournalism you’ve seen, issue after issue. The work this time around includes: Jan Grarup’s “A Silent Genocide”, Yuri Kozyrev’s “War Six Years After”, Philip Blenkinsop’s “Hmong”, Kadir van Lohuizen’s “The Nenets”, Pep Bonet’s “The Cult of San Lazaro”, Stanley Greene’s “Road to Ruin”, Samantha Appleton’s “Proxy War”, Jon Lowenstein’s “Shadow Lives”, and Francesco Zizola’s Wars Water and Other Stories.

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