Newspaper Death Watch

Newspaper Death Watch by Paul Gillin

I’ve been a subscriber to Magazine Death Pool for a while, but somehow Newspaper Death Watch escaped my view. The site, created by long-time technology journalist Paul Gillin, chronicles the usually bad news about newspapers, and has been doing so since 2007. And while the title of the blog might convey a certain glee or satisfaction with the downfall of newspapers, Gillin’s intent is quite the opposite. From Newspaper Death Watch’s about page:

If the tongue-in-cheek title of this blog implies that I take some satisfaction in this collapse, that’s not my intent. Sometimes you just luck into a domain name that works. I’m a newspaper junkie from way back. I got into journalism in large part because of the crusading work of The Washington Post and The New York Times during the Nixon administration, and I have always had the greatest respect for the institution of the newspaper. Sadly, the economic foundation of these media scions is badly broken.”

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