Mexico Pinholes

Johnny Greenwood of (the greatest band in the world) Radiohead has published some ‘pinhole’ pictures from Mexico, where the band is currently touring, on the band’s blog ‘Dead Air Space’.
'Mexico sound check' by Johnny Greenwood
Click on the picture and see the other five pictures. While I think they’re all pretty damn swell at everything the do, at least they’re human enough to be plagued by fingerprints on negatives too … see the last picture. You should really subscribe to their rss feed … in addition to news and music recommendations (fascinating to see what these guys listen to .. look for the ‘office charts’) every so often they post pictures and they’re almost universally interesting .. both as pictures and a glimpse into their lives and vision. Such as this one from last October in Japan…
'Osaka bike text' by Johnny Greenwood
I’ve previously written about their pictures and blog here but it bears repeating. Go see the photo behind that link too..

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