Gawker’s 10 Worst Late Payment Offenders in Print - 10 Worst Late Payment Offenders in Print

Gawker asked its readers to share their horror stories of late payment for freelance work and ranked the 10 worst late payment offenders in print (though, RadarOnline seems an odd inclusion for a list ostensibly about print journalism). The graph above records the number of days between invoice and payment for freelance work. The Brooklyn Paper is the worst offender, allegedly taking almost 2 years to pay a writer a $40 fee. The Brooklyn Paper’s editor Gersh Kuntzman responds in the comments, though doesn’t dispute the meat of the allegation. More freelancers share bad experiences in the comments, as well. Of note, also, ESPN Magazine and the Village Voice get recognition for very prompt payment.

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    Now I know not to send any of my zombie pix to Fangoria.

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