World Press Photo followup

Following up with Anthony Suau’s win in the 2008 World Press Photo contest, there’s an interesting behind-the-scenes interview with the photographer over at Editor & Publisher, ominously headlined “World Press Photo, Pulitzer-Winning Photographer Struggles to Find Work” (Thanks to Tom Leininger on the APAD list for the tip). There are some interesting revelations in the piece, not least of which is that Time magazine never published the photos in print. Today, the magazine has published two galleries of his work online, “Best Photos of the Year, 2008: The American Economy: Down and Out” and “Prize-Winning Photos: Struggling Cleveland.”

Also of interest, PDNPulse tracked down an essay by Cleveland Plain Dealer photographer Gus Chan covering the same story and same detective in January 2008, nearly 3 months ahead of Suau. Chan’s photos are good, certainly, and seeing the two essays next to each other is a welcome reminder of the value that individual photographers and the notion of authorship bring to the photojournalism. We may just be pushing buttons on a camera, but there’s a whole lot more that goes into it…

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