To Mitrovica and Kosovo

Sunday morning (real early) I left cozy Belgrade in the pretty snow for Kosovo. Spent the first 36 hours in Mitrovica and I am now in Prishtina for a couple of days. The first anniversary of Kosovo’s independence is Tuesday. Will probably be here in Prishtina for the festivities…
Belgrade, Serbia 2/14/09. This is exactly what I always thought Eastern Europe looked like when I was a kid.
Big thanks to Giulio Petrocco who let me crash on his couch last night (honestly, the best place I’ve slept in a month). Giulio’s an Italian photographer who is living in North Mitrovica with the Serbs, and he cooks some great pasta.
Mitrovica, Kosovo 2/14/09. I finally take my picture of the famous Kosovo black birds.
Will be very busy next few days but will try to write about what is happening here. Probably not too many pictures since we’re trying to publish them ‘for real’ all around… Ciao!
Mitrovica, Kosovo 2/14/09. I'm channeling you Jonas...

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    This just in: people of Eastern Europe replaced with human-shaped black blobs roaming the streets. I kid, I kid. Can’t wait to see more.

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