Some Linking

Finishing a long day of editing, toning and FTPing here in Prishtina. The anniversary last night was fun and I think pictures are alright, not sure what they’re worth though. Time will tell, it always takes some weeks to process, especially with my stuff here in Kosovo. If you’re curious you can go look at Invision Images who will be marketing the work in the coming days and probably will continue to post stuff on their website. There is a small selection of my pictures from Mitrovica over the weekend.
Kosovars celebrate the one-year anniversary of independence along Mother Theresa Street in the center of the capitol, Prishtina. Running from the noise of firecrackers. (Lots and lots of these little and big booms at our feet. My ears hurt for a while ...)
Of course, spending a long day on the computer provides ample time to dig through the RSS reader and find cool things. So here are a few things I recommend strongly: Concientious interviews Mikhail Subotzky, Photo-based Street Art in Seattle posted by SLOG, and two from BAGnews: Smart analysis of Suau’s WPP winning picture (be sure to read the comments) and “I faced the enemy and lived!” a tragic story and photo from a soldier who committed suicide.

More later…

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