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We’ve always been fans of Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages website and have linked a few times, but I am very excited to see this new site pop up from rayogram called NEWScan. I know nothing about it, other than it displays neatly and efficiently 10 covers of the world’s largest/most influential papers. For an expat like me who doesn’t have any physical paper to read it is nice to see how things are looking around the world.
The actual Newseum in Washington DC displaying real front pages the day after the Obama inauguration, 1/21/09.
I suppose this sort of thing is legal, if the papers are releasing their PDFs already, but I can’t imagine this is sanctioned. Don’t really care, this is a nifty little tool. If my consumption is anything, there is still something to the importance of newspapers in their ‘old’ state. The navigation and heirarchy of a well designed front page is still something to behold. Probably past its prime, and I look forward to the day when someone comes up with something as navigable and efficient online.
(h/t John Dickerson of and the Slate Gabfest, via facebook of all places. Be sure to check out his twitter which is my most favorite out there)

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  1. rich-joseph

    go to

    you can access all sections of the paper in it’s PDF format and turn each page, blow images up, and enlarge each specific story you’re interested in reading. best of all it’s free.

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