POYi – ‘A Dark Addiction’

I’ve been looking a little bit at the POYi 66 winners as the results come in. Congrats to all (and those who remembered to get your entries done on time!), especially friends Kevin German and Eric Kayne.

So far one story has really grabbed me and shook me, the winner in the ‘Newspaper Issue Reporting Picture Story’ category: A Dark Addiction. It appears to be part of this package from The Washington Post, which credits ‘staff photographer Andrea Bruce’. Otherwise, I don’t know who took these pictures.
A deputy of the Dickenson County sheriff's department shakes a man who is overdosing on pain killers while the man's nephew watches. (c) Andrea Bruce / The Washington Post, via POYi
Strong images, incredible story, incredible access. This does a terrific job of bringing to light an issue (drug addiction in mining towns) that I hadn’t heard of or thought of before, and does so in a highly personal and individually-engaged way. Very affecting, I’m glad this got recognized and gave me a chance to see the pictures and learn more about this story. What contests are all about, I guess … recognizing the best projects and pictures and giving them a wider audience. Nice to see it working so well after all of the whining about World Press Photo..

update (by Scott on Feb. 27, 2009): The photographer is, indeed, Andrea Bruce of the Washington Post, as confirmed by her 3rd place win in POYi’s Newspaper Photographer of the Year category.

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    Updated to include the name of Andrea Bruce in the cutline. Confirmed by the Newspaper Photographer of the Year results, in which she is named and placed 3rd with a portfolio including “A Dark Addiction.”

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