New livebooks Blog

Another addition to the wide world of photo blogging: livebooks, which is a popular webdesign/site hosting service that produces sites like this, has recently opened their RESOLVE photo blog.

Most promising so far are the posts by Michael Shaw (blogger) and Alan Chin (photographer) who are friends and collaborators from Bagnewsnotes. They’ve been posting an ongoing discussion about photo assignments from blogs, detailing their partnership. Shaw funded Chin’s assignment to cover the Democratic convention in Denver this past year, among other things. The Bag, beyond hitting things out of the park at an impressive clip lately, has many wonderful things and ideas brewing that I can’t wait to see come forward.. these discussions on Resolve are a nice glimpse in.

Also, earlier this week they posted a short interview with the Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian about her new work documenting her trip to the Haj. Really beautiful pictures and story, and I was rewarded to even more great work inside her website (a livebooks one of course). Be sure to have a look.

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  1. Miki Johnson

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the encouragement about the blog. I think the discussions between Alan and Michael are fascinating too. I hope we start to get more comments about them, because I think they are doing something truly innovative. And, sorry, but I just have to clarify…yes Newsha happens to have a liveBooks site, but we have tons of contributors who are not liveBooks clients 🙂

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