First Birthday Party

I’ve finished the editing of my new Kosovo chapter from the one-year anniversary ‘bash’ last week. In Belgrade now continuing to work and get settled in. Hopefully will have my own place over the weekend and from there a quick trip to Sarajevo and after that a project in Ukraine and further east. More to come soon, including some outtakes and stories… if I can get myself back on track with posting regularly. Sorry bout that.

And an image and cover from my good friend Jetmir Idrizi of Prishtina which I think captured things pretty well:
Cover of Gazeta Express on Feb 17, 2009, the one-year anniversary of independence. Photo by Jetmir Idrizi
The text reads something like:
“Its Growing… Kosovo is one year old today. The girl in this picture, named Independence, is the same age (i.e. she was born on independence day). Both need care. Their eyes to the future.”
It is very nice I think, and an interesting counterpoint to last year’s cover which you’ve got to check out if you haven’t seen it before.

PS — what do you guys things of these Photoshelter embedded galleries? are they easy to use? nice to look at pictures in these things? Let me know if you think I should(n’t) keep using them to present photos here.

7 Responses to “First Birthday Party”

  1. Davin Ellicson

    Very nice work Matt!

  2. M. Scott Brauer

    My vote is “no” on the photoshelter galleries. They don’t show up in rss feeds (which is where a majority of viewers are) and the photos are smaller than the design would otherwise allow. But, there could be a medium in which one photo is shown outside of the photoshelter gallery (meaning it would show up in rss) and then do the gallery.

  3. Matt Lutton

    Interesting, because they show up in my rss reader (Vienna on a Mac)… guess not in an online aggregator? I can’t remember what you’re using..

  4. aron haziri

    jam aron haziri deshte te di a mundem me apliku ne ket gazet per foto te vitit flm per mirkuptim

  5. aron haziri

    me njoftoni ju lutem

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