Fire in Beijing

There is an incredible (and theatrical..) fire taking place right now in Beijing at the end of the Chinese Lunar New Year at the Rem Koolhaas designed Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is part of the remarkable CCTV complex built for the Olympics. Link to New York Times’ story
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I’ve started to peruse the images coming out, particularly from Getty Images Editorial (as of now you have to search ‘beijing fire’ to see), and they’re incredible and terrifying. Sounds like there weren’t many people in the building to be hurt, so there is some good news.

Keep your eye on this .. crazy event, insane visuals and plenty of interesting pictures to come. Hopefully too a big picture blog will pick this up .. cause I can’t find a decent sized image to see this anywhere! Looks like a Chinese lantern on its own, fireworks and all. Hell of a way the end the celebration… (pardon the joke..)

2 Responses to “Fire in Beijing”

  1. d. weber

    holy crap! i was an architect in my past life and worked for rem and this is OMA’s (I think) greatest achievement of the last 15 years, amazing story and saddened to see visionary architecture like this go up in real flames. Saddened.

  2. Matt Lutton

    It is a tragedy .. unfortunately i’ve been too busy the last few days to follow up on this and see the pictures and readfollowup to see what will become of the structure. If it can be rebuilt, etc ..
    Don or anyone else who has links, please post them here!

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