Anthony Suau wins Worldpress Photo of the Year

Anthony Suau - World Press Photo of the Year 2008 - US Economy in Crisis: Following eviction, Detective Robert Kole must ensure residents have moved out of their home, Cleveland, Ohio, 26 March

World Press Photo has just announced the results of the 2008 contest (text list of winners’ names), and Anthony Suau has won the Picture of the Year. His picture, of a detective sweeping a house to make sure evicted residents have vacated their Cleveland home, was one of my favorites of the year, and it and the story it’s from, which won 2nd place Daily life, captured the economic crisis in a way that little other journalism did this year. Simply beautiful work.

Haven’t gotten a chance to look through the rest of the results yet, but the 3rd prize Portrait story, by Li Jiejun, jumped out to me as strange and intriguing.

Update/Addition (by Matt): I’ll probably post more on this soon but be sure to have a look at Suau’s archive. Amazing, I could look for hours.
And a story that PDN ran on him (which really isn’t comforting): “World Press Photo Winner Struggling To Find Work”

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  1. Matt Lutton

    Interesting set of winners this year! I am fully behind Suau’s work .. these are important pictures and the WPP of the year is a terrific selection. Cheers and congrats to him!
    Also congrats to Carlos Cazalis who won a first place award in Contemporary Issues Stories for his pictures of homelessness in Sao Paolo .. check out his website

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