Inauguration Eve Gallery

I am back in New York City after five long and memorable days in Washington DC (and the road down) for the Obama inauguration. Both then and ever more now in retrospect, I am so happy I had the chance to be there to see this in person, and to be able to make pictures that will remain in my archive forever. There was much that was set-up, scripted and predictable about this event but there were many more genuine people and moments. I was struck by so many little things over the week that really, if I can try to be unsentimental about it, made me realize the true profound nature of this moment in American history. As I said the other day, this is really a big part of why I take pictures … to document, live and interpret the big events of my day for posterity.
Wheatpaste street art of Obama along the U Street corridor. 1/19/09
I wasn’t the only one with this aim, of course, and I have been enjoying seeing other peoples’ work from DC. Hopefully my work can contribute to the collective memory of this day. To that end, here is a large selection of pictures from Inauguration Eve. Mostly they’re quiet moments, away from ‘the pictures’ of the day. I think this edit, and the ones coming immediately after this here on Dva featuring my work from Inauguration Day, embodies my feelings and perspective on the event, and hopefully it says it without words.
Outside the White House on President Bush's last day in office, 1/19/09.
Washington Monument at Dusk, 1/19/09
Washington Monument. 1/19/09
Washington Monument, 1/19/09
Portable toilets on the National Mall. 1/19/09.
The National Mall on the eve of Obama's inauguration. 1/19/09
Crowds near the Mall on the eve of Obama's inauguration. 1/19/09
Vendor and crowds near the National Mall. 1/19/09
Bored and tired child at an Obama merchandise superstore. 1/19/09
A bobblehead doll of President Barack Obama at an Obama merchandise superstore. The dolls sold for $19.99. 1/19/09
Vendors selling Obama-themed Tshirts out of a storefront. 1/19/09

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