Chasing Obama

I’m in Washington DC now hanging in the backroom of my friend Noah Devereaux‘s apartment, where he is very generously letting me crash for the few days of this Obama Inauguration. While not on assignment per se I am working with Michael Shaw over at BagNewsNotes to provide some ‘exclusive’ images for his analysis and consumption, be sure to head over there to see what he is up to. As well, I’m feeding my European agents with the work and who knows, maybe a US publication or two will pick something up. Certainly, it is very nice just to be in DC for this event … this is definitely something we’ll all be recounting years from now.

Wilmington, DE

On Saturday, 12 hours after getting into New York, I was in a two-car convoy of photographers heading south on the I95 through New Jersey chasing after the Obama “Freedom Train”.

We first caught him and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden giving a speech in Wilmington, Delaware. I was able to glimpse Obama from a distance (hooray) but the work was ‘on the fringes’ as Alan Chin would say and we all shot in the crowd. The first few images are from there. Then it was a mad rush back to the car and back on the road, trying to beat Obama to Edgewood, Maryland where he would make a ‘whistle-stop’ and roll through a small town’s Amtrak station to wave. Luckily we did make it to the city in time, about an hour south from Wilmington, and were able to shoot some nice scenes of a very diverse crowd waiting in the cold (maybe 15-20* F?) to see the new President roll in to town.
Wilmington, DE
Edgewood, MD
Then it was another rush to get to Baltimore, but here we lost the scent and were only able to photograph a gathering of people watching a Jumbotron of Obama’s speech on the Inner Harbor. After, a leisurely and exhausted drive into DC.

Sunday was the first official inaugural event, a giant star-laden concert at the Lincoln Memorial that had crowds stretched over a mile away past the Washington Monument and onto the national Mall. Lots of pictures here, interesting people crammed into an interesting space. Security prescence has been interesting … sometimes you see lots of police or troops, other times not at all.

Washington DC, 1/18/09
Washington DC, 1/18/09
Washington DC, 1/18/09
Washington DC, 1/18/09

More soon I hope .. will be heading out shortly to see what is happening in town on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The big stuff will be tomorrow though when Obama is sworn in at 11am. Still don’t have a real plan for how I’ll be covering that..
Goofy self portrait, Washington DC

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  1. M. Scott Brauer

    Love it, man. Was about to post something about your contributions at BagNews, but this’ll do. Still, I want to see some distance in a shot or two!


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