Biiiiiiiiiig photos

Over the past day or two, I ran into two cool photo presentations on the web that strike me both in their novelty and their user-friendly ease of navigation, a rarity when viewing photos on the web.

David Bergman - Inauguration panorama
David Bergman – Inauguration panorama

First, David Bergman tells how he made a 1,474 megapixel panorama (a 2gig tiff!) at the Obama inauguration that’s now online in a scrollable, zoomable, Googlemaps style presentation. Very cool. Hillary’s eyes are closed. Yo-Yo-Ma’s taking a picture with his phone. Cheney looks like Dr. Strangelove. The screenshot above, or any other screenshot, doesn’t really do justice to the project. It’s a lot of fun to play with. (via MeFi)

Screenshot of We're All Gonna Die by Simon Hoegsberg
Screenshot of We’re All Gonna Die by Simon Hoegsberg

Second, in what may be the longest photo ever produced (or “widest” might be a better choice), Simon Hoegsberg captures life on a bridge in Berlin in summer 2007 with his 100 meter long project “We’re All Gonna Die.” I love the photo(s) and the idea, but even more I love how perfectly the online presentation works. Loading isn’t an issue, navigation is intuitive, and the whole thing looks beautiful. (via Conscientious)

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