The year in errors

The Crunks 2008:'s annual list of the top media corrections, apologies, and errors has released their annual list of the top retractions, errors, corrections and apologies from (english-speaking) media around the world. Here’s 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.

There were two photo-related winners, the faked photo of antelope running under a train in western China (the Guardian has some background) and an unfortunate conflation by the Press Gazette in the UK of an accused serial killer with the Bishop of Norwich by way of a headshot. Mugshot’s the right jargon for that, but seems inappropriate, given the circumstances…. An excerpt:

The Eastern Daily Press has apologised after confusing the Bishop of Norwich with serial killer Steve Wright, known as the “Suffolk strangler”. The paper printed a letter from Rupert Read of the Eastern Region Green Party calling for brothels to be closed following the Ipswich murders saying: “Surely that is the best memorial to the women who died at the hands of Steve Wright (pictured)..” But the EDP printed a picture of the Bishop of Norwich, the Right Rev Graham James, with his dog collar clearly visible, instead of Wright. The paper has printed an apology and has agreed to make a donation to a Christian group that helps prostitutes of which the Bishop is a patron.

By the way, Regrettheerror seems to have a book out.

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