“Photograph of Jesus” by Laurie Hill

I just ran into this funny little film by Laurie Hill about the ridiculous requests that sometimes come into photo archives. The animation’s great, a bit reminiscent of Terry Gilliam‘s Monty Python work. Hard to keep a straight face when a request comes in for a photo of Jesus or a dodo. “How about an etching, or a painting?” “Nope, we need a photo…and do you have a picture of Hitler at the 1948 Olympics? Or Neil Armstrong on the moon with a crowd of people?”

2 Responses to ““Photograph of Jesus” by Laurie Hill”

  1. Matt Lutton

    That’s great man! reminds me of what we did in the much smaller Black Star archive. Can you remember any of the weird requests we got? I’m having a hard time remembering myself..

  2. M. Scott Brauer

    Ha! I wish I could remember some of the oddball ones; I know there were some, but can’t recall any specifics.

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