New Book: Boogie’s Belgrade Belongs To Me

Boogie, a Serbian photographer who emigrated to New York in 1998, publishes his third book with PowerHouse Books (first was It’s All Good followed by the exclusive slipcover Boogie), this time directed at his first home: Belgrade.

If you’ve read this blog at at all, you know of my love and connection to Serbia and the Balkans, and it should come as no surprise that I am ecstatic to see this book come to life. I was with Boogie last spring in New York, when this project was still coming together, and we shared many memories and troubles about the city we both love (often in sick ways). He was kind enough to answer some questions about this book and his work:

why this book now?
it’s been in the making for years, in a way I’m paying respect to my city.
what are your feelings about your belgrade pictures?
some of them I took many years ago, some are pretty new – but in general, it’s hard for me to edit my own images, I’m so used to looking at them, and it’s very hard to be objective. When people see my Belgrade book they are pretty struck by how grim it all looks, but that’s the way I see it. I love my city, it made me who I am, but it’s pretty dark.
seeing that they are from your hometown, do they have a different meaning or depth for you than your work in other parts of the world?
of course, it’s much more personal this time. and the whole editing/writing process was very emotional for me, cause it brought back memories, both good and bad.
why do you do books?
to leave something behind + they help me remember all the things I’ve seen

you can also find Belgrade Belongs To Me on Amazon. Support your favorite photographers: buy their work.

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