Featured on Verve Photo

On Wednesday I was the daily featured photographer on the Verve Photo: A New Breed of Documentary Photographers blog. I was interviewed some months ago so the info is a bit out of date, but it is still a nice honor.

They chose to feature an image from my project I See A Darkness, from the streets of New York. Read this piece I wrote for some background and philosophy behind the work. Or even the introduction to my as-yet-unpublished book written by my friend Claire.

Staten Island Ferry, New York City. November 2007.

Asked to describe the photo, this is what I had to say then:
“This picture was shot in November 2007 as part of my ongoing three-year project in New York City, called ‘I See A Darkness’, which is inspired by the music of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and the book ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov. The first pictures were shot in 2005 when I was an intern at Black Star photo agency. After that summer I realized I had a set of photos that I wanted to grow and have since made four trips back to work on this project. It’s about my reactions to the city and imaginary narratives between all the characters and places there. This photo was taken on the Staten Island ferry looking out at the Statue of Liberty. There has been a lot of reaction to this picture for political overtones, but I see it in the context of the alienation, distance and ‘mystery’ that I feel in so much of New York. While I do lots of documentary and photojournalism work, this project of street photography has some of my favorite pictures and is always a joy to work on.”

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