Chris Buck Interviewed

Yea, so this is a few days late and I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but there was a terrific interview with Chris Buck over on A Photo Editor last week. In parts One and Two. I’ll save the hyperbole: go read it. It is very good.

I had certainly heard his name and seen some photos, but I needed to go look through Mr. Buck’s website to really get up to speed. And that’s where I found this photo, and oh what a gem.

Jeff Mangum/ Neutral Milk Hotel December 16, 2001 his home, Athens, GA

Utter jealousy .. Buck photographed one of my favorite people in music, the lead singer and mastermind behind the band Neutral Milk Hotel. (here is a Youtube of Jeff singing his haunting song ‘Oh Comely’). Buck made a great image from this, a big hat tip to him. Thanks too for the nice read at APE.

PS – I’m back from some travels and stuck in some ugly weather in Seattle, so hopefully I’ll be back up to full blogging speed soon. If for nothing else than to entertain me. I’ll have some words and pictures from my trek to sunny Southern Florida to visit my grandfather soon too.

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  1. hannah

    neutral milk hotel is my favorite band,
    so this makes me happy.

    hooray for winter storms eh?

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