Alphabetized and reordered newspapers: Kim Rugg

Kim Rugg - I'm Not in Charge, 2008; newsprint (The New York Times)

Kim Rugg beautifully repurposes the front pages of newspapers, alphabetizing the text with a razor and reordering pictures in little gradient blocks, anonymizing the content but leaving the presentation clear (first seen here, where there are some good views of the work). With titles such as “I’m not in Charge” or “Don’t Mention the War”, the pieces are expressly political, though as the newspaper industry falls to its knees around us, the art takes on new meaning. The newspapers here have already died, and information which was once clear to the viewer is rendered incomprehensible.

I was saving this link for another post, but this seems like as good a place as any: “‘Several Cities’ Could Have No Daily Paper As Soon As 2010, Credit Rater Says”

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