Time covers the presidential campaigns

Christopher Morris - The GOP candidate speaks to the crowd in New Columbus.

Time magazine has published a number of photo essays on its website covering the final days of both Barack Obama and John McCain’s presidential campaigns.  Christopher Morris brings his signature style to John McCain’s Final Push and John McCain’s Long Distance Campaign. Callie Shell, likewise, has Barack Obama Hits the Homestretch and The Campaign from Obama’s View.  

Callie Shell - Obama awaits his cue at James Madison University.

Both photographers have been covering these candidates since very early in the campaign.  Shell’s work following the Obama campaign was recently published and discussed on Digital Journalist.  The essay has made the jump to non-photo-related websites and has been mentioned all over the internet as a great glimpse into the life of a candidate in a media climate where such access is almost impossible to get.  A particularly long thread over at Metafilter discusses the work.  I love non-photographers’ discussion of photography because it’s one of the few ways a photographer can learn how their work is intrepreted by the thousands or millions of eyes that see it.  A side note: one commentor’s statement that “It must be a law of the internet that all photography sites must have different but equally unusable interfaces,” strikes me as particularly true.  

Christopher Morris’ has been photographing McCain since 2000, but with Digital Railroad’s recent problems, the VII archive is broken.  A recent collection of the work can be seen here on the main VII site.

While we’re on the subject, Susan Raab made a thoughtful post about the effect caused in the viewer by the subject of the photos.  Particularly, she notes plenty of praise for photos of Obama and relatively little or no praise for photos of McCain.  Surely Morris’ or Stephen Crowley’s coverage of McCain for the NYTimes is of a comparable level of Shell’s (or at least others’) work on Obama…

UPDATE by Scott: I just found a link to some more Stephen Crowley work at Digital Journalist called Covering the “No Talk Express,” in which he laments the difficulty journalists have had getting access to McCain and Palin in recent weeks. Lauren Greenfield also recently covered the McCain-Palin campaign for the NYT Magazine and has a photo or two showing this lack of access. Don’t miss the picture of the journalist sleeping next to cardboard cut-outs of the two candidates.

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