The College Photographer of the Year: Tim Hussin

Congratulations to the new College Photographer of the Year Tim Hussin, announced yesterday from Columbia, MO.
Russ Brown reacts to seeing his house hours after it caught fire in Salt Lake City on Monday, April 28, 2008.  "What am I going to do?" he asked. "It doesn't feel real. I just keep thinking I'm going to go in and sit down and watch TV." Even though he lost his home, Brown said he was relieved his family was gone during the blaze. "Life will go on," he said.
Have a look directly at his work on his website. Hussin is a student of photojournalism in Florida.

Congrats too to all the other winners, including my friend Bill Reeves (website coming soon, he promises me) who won Awards of Excellence in Sports Action and Documentary. Check his work out.
Nathan's physical disabilities have left him unable to walk under his own power. In order to ensure he gets some exercise, Lillie lifts him up and supports him as he walks around the front yard. She must lift him for this every day, as well as any time he needs to be put in a car, take a bath, or sit at the dinner table. (c) Bill Reeves
I’m still working through all of the different pictures and projects for my ‘picks’, but one that jumps out at me immediately is Jenn Ackerman’s “Trapped” which won gold in Documentary. Interesting and powerful pictures from inside a Ohio prison.

(Oh, and I won an Award of Excellence in International Picture Story for my Kosovo: New Born project.)
Inside the Shtime, Kosovo mental hospital. (c) Matt Lutton, 2008

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