Stealing Pictures

I’m a bit late on this, but fortunately I’ve seen the word already spreading around our community about the terrible situation befalling DVA’s friend Kevin German, which he details on his blog in a post called Stolen. German had a colleague steal some of his work, call it his own on websites with dishonest captions and enter it in to contests. Unreal. Some people are talking about it on Lightstalkers too.

The jerk, Lee Mackay Turner, has a history of scams (read this link for a crazy New York Stock Exchange ruling about his misconduct).

This story reminded both M. Scott and I about the implosion of the agency M35 and its con-artist head named Charles Clark. See the whole story in this epic Lightstalkers thread.
Let both these stories be unfortunate siren-call warnings to all photographers. Protect yourself, there are wolves amongst us, and copyright your images. (Something that I personally need to get much, much more on top of, this story is a big wake-up for me).

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