Sarah Palin says the media abridges her 1st Amendment rights mentions a conversation Sarah Palin had on a talk radio show on Friday in which the Republican vice presidential candidate suggests that media criticism of her campaign threatens her right to free speech protected in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution (audio here).  Over at, analysis rightly points out that the first amendment protects the media’s right to print whatever it wants within the bounds of slander, libel, and obscenity laws.  

From the other side, right wing blogs are critical of the Obama campaign’s treatment of various McCain-endorsing media companies during the final leg of the election.   The Washington Times, the Dallas Morning News, and the New York Post, have all been denied a seat on Obama’s planes in recent days.  The campaign says it’s due to past constraints.  This follows previous concern over a reporter from the New Yorker being denied a spot on the plane after the infamous over-the-top New Yorker cover of Barack and Michelle Obama dressed as an anti-American muslim and terrorist.

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