New online journalism in Balkans

Thanks to Jasmin Brutus, Bosnian photographer extraordinaire and friend of DVA, who sent me this info about some happenings in the Croatian media scene after reading my Monday news roundup.

In a situation similar to what M. Scott wrote about a few days ago in “A new online journalism?”, where American journalists are starting successful ‘news’ blogs and websites, the prominent and popular Serbian journalist Petar Lukovic started the website (“E-Newspapers”, and only in BCS, I think).

Lukovic had been a columnist at the popular Feral Tribune from Split, Croatia (some excellent Wikipedia background), which folded in June 2008, due to “financial troubles”. According to Brutus, he has also attracted a number of other outstanding journalists and columnists to join his new website (meaning, I think, that they’re leaving other dead-tree newspapers and magazines). Very interesting to see that these issues that we discuss and worry about so much in the American media sphere are happening — perhaps more decisively and quickly — elsewhere in the world. I’ll be interested to follow this when I get over there (especially since I’ll hopefully be closer to knowing the language!)

(Corrected 11/27. This post originally identified Lukovic as a Croatian journalist, he is actually Serbian)

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