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John Francis Peters, who I know as the photo coordinator and under-boss at the Fader, sent me a link to his new website the other day. I really liked what I saw and thought I’d post a couple of my favorite pictures and ask him a few questions, as a sort of mini-interview. He’s got a cool job at a great magazine and takes good pictures too..
From the series "Guizhou, A Precious Land". (c) John Francis Peters

tell me a little bit about your current job, what do you do there?
Currently I am the photo coordinator/staff photographer for the FADER Magazine. I work in conjunction with the creative director Phil Bicker on all photographic aspects of the magazine from researching new photographers and shooting assignments to editing and final layout.

are you doing any work for other publications while at Fader?
I am open to and plan to start approaching other editorial venues for my work but until now I have just been really focused on the FADER and building my own personal body of work. I wanted to take this first year at this job to develop my work and study what is being produced by our generation in photography. It has been a priceless experience.

how did you approach building and editing this current website?
The new site took way too much time, I’m slow with editing through large amounts of my own work but this I think paid off in the end. It’s never perfect, this is one thing I have now experienced. In the beginning I wanted the design simple, the navigation to be streamline and the work to reflect where I have come from and I’m currently at while maintaining a flow through it all. I think it’s in a good place but you never know, next month there may be a shift in my approach to editing and a section will be gone.

do you think you have a different perspective on this business coming from the unusual vantage of being both an editor and photographer, sometimes for the same publication at the same time? Does this impact how you market yourself?
Yes, I have definitely gained a whole new perspective on the industry while here and for me it has been again something remarkable. For one I have had the unique opportunity to work and correspond with a host of new and established photographers, some of which are my inspiration and some who are at the front of contemporary photography . Each comes with a different perspective, dream, or goal in the field. All of this I take in and consider each day in relation to my own career. I’m not totally sure how the forces behind this experience will guide my future direction, for now I know a bit more about what I want to achieve in the field and in my own life experience with photography.

Riot, NY Giants victory celebration, Manhattan, NY. (c) John Francis Peters

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