Election Night in First Person

I didn’t take any pictures for ‘work’ on Tuesday night, I took them for myself and friends to remember this moment. Maybe I’ll regret not doing more on this historic election night both as a citizen and as a journalist — on both accounts I kind of wish I were at the big street parties (possibly NSFW, it is a free-for-all Flickr group) in a different neighborhood of Seattle — but I had a great time watching the early returns on the computer and then watching the announcement and two speeches at a friends house with a bunch of other young people. A very memorable night.

What are your memories? Where are your pictures? Doesn’t matter where in the world you were, I’d love to see them. One of the most indelible impressions of this election is how (positively) interested the World is in this election. Hell, I was grilled about my choice in the Democratic Primary back in June by an Albanian taxi driver in Pristina, Kosovo that I could hardly communicate with: this thing is big and I want to see how you all experienced it. Post in the comments or send them to me via email and I’ll put them up.

2 Responses to “Election Night in First Person”

  1. Justin Henning

    Hey Matt,

    Great blog. Its been exposing me to a lot of new photography information and links, but also a wealth of other interesting stuff. Just thought you may want to see a few photos I snapped on election night here in Paris. If your interested check out my website posted above or my facebook–they are all posted there. Turned them into B&W because of shitty lighting.



  2. Matt Lutton

    Thanks much for sharing Justin – great to see the view from another country. I gotta say though, they’re pretty darn dark and hard to read.

    thanks for reading buddy

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