Drink Better Beer.

(c) Martin Schoeller / The New YorkerAs a “beer evangelist” I can’t help but share this terrific New Yorker article by Burkhard Bilger, A Better Brew: The Rise of Extreme Beer. This piece is all about one of my favorite breweries, Dogfish Head of Delaware. Just last night I was treated to a taste of the World Wide Stout, which is amongst the rarest, richest and most unbelievable beers in the States … brewed once a year and usually weighing in at 21% ABV. And very much worth the $13.50 for a 12oz bottle. Of course I want you all to appreciate good pictures, good writing and good food .. but also, drink good beer! Indulge in culture. If you need suggestions, ask me. This is not something I’m shy about!

“Look,” [Sam Calagione] told me later. “I’m not afraid to pay compliments where compliments are due. Anheuser-Busch’s quality—if quality is consistency—is second to none. But I’m frustrated that that one beer [Budweiser] has been hammered down people’s throats. I mean, banana cream pie may be your favorite fucking food. But if you ate banana cream pie every day you would hate it, too.”

Yea, and that is a pretty cool portrait of Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione in his mashtun by Martin Schoeller.

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