Breaking: Attacks in Mumbai

I just read some startling news from photographer Michael Rubenstein who is located in Mumbai, India. Terrorist attacks in India targeting foreigners, with roving ‘gangs’ of men with automatic weapons. From his blog A Little Too Fast:

There have also been reports that there are hostages at both the Oberoi and the Taj hotel. According to a British man who escaped from the Taj the terrorists were actually asking for British and American passport holders. This is a significant departure from the normal terrorist attacks in India. For the most part, the recent bombings in Surat, Bangalore and other cities were random and meant to inflict panic on the general population. These attacks are completely unprecedented with cells of terrorists roaming the streets with automatic weapons and grenades and targeting hotels and restaurants frequented by foreigners.

The NY Times and BBC are starting to get stories online, go there for updates. My thoughts are with the people over there… Be safe.

UPDATE (4pm PT): Lots more news coming out these hours, be sure to see the New York Times, BBC or this live video feed from CNN-IBN. The NYT’s Lede blog has this ongoing resource, which actually has some updates from Rubenstein. Also, here is some interesting analysis from Blake Hounshell at the Foreign Policy Passport Blog

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