We can stop this now

If you’re one of the few who has yet to see James Nachtwey’s latest project, documenting the fight against and the effects of extreme drug resistant tuberculosis, get to http://www.xdrtb.org/ right now. The photos are powerful, as expected, the subject is under-reported, and there is a solution to this problem. Thousands and thousands are dying and a cure exists, but the lack of available care is actually making the scourge worse. Wise use of his TED prize money, awarded in 2007 alongside Bill Clinton and EO Wilson to grant a wish to change the world. One item of particular note is that the execution of the story was not dependent on traditional media publishing models. Now, magazines and newspapers serve as a sort of PR machine for public awareness of the project. This might work in this case, but only so many stories (of countless worthwhile stories) will ever receive the sort of financial and institutional support required for a project of this magnitude. This project is fantastic and worthy of its accolades, but it’s disheartening to realize that it exists, in no small way, because the media failed to notice and report the growing crisis.

Update (by Matt): The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture blog has their trademark big photos from this project, check it out (h/t PDNPulse)

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