Photoshelter Collection delays close

Photoshelter Collection just sent out an email to contributors announcing a postponement of the closure and deletion of its images. Rather than closing on Oct. 10, PSC will remain open to buyers until Oct. 17 to accommodate some outstanding sales. More interesting, though, is a cryptic remark that “we’re working on a few *potential* opportunities for you to transfer or list your images with other agencies.” Regardless of any deal for transfer of images in the Collection, pictures will be deleted on Dec. 31. No word yet on which agencies or under what circumstances images might be transferred.

2 Responses to “Photoshelter Collection delays close”

  1. Anonymous

    So why does photoshelter still have the option to sign up and spend $$?

    • M. Scott Brauer

      The difference between now-defunct Photoshelter Collection and the still-in-operation Photoshelter Personal Archive is quite large. The stock house venture closed, but the archive service remains.

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